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Articles Tagged ‘tutorials’

Ken Robinson suggests an organic learning revolution (TED Video Conference)

We have not only a climate crises but a human resources crises. The key to our evolution is in the learning system revolution, in the words of Ken Robinson, man with a great mind who should be listen more.

David Kassan Online Chat (Painting, Drawing Artist)

David Kassan Online Chat (Painting, Drawing Artist)

A contemporary master in painting and drawing chats live online to answer questions and showing demonstration while waiting the release of the training DVD “Drawing Closer to Life”

3Ds Max Hard Surface Essentials by Grant Warwick (Free 3DS Max Modeling Video Tutorial)

3Ds Max Hard Surface Essentials by Grant Warwick (Free 3DS Max Modeling Video Tutorial)

Follow this 90 minute long online 3D modeling tutorial where the author shows different techniques to model hard surfaces with 3DS Max.

Zbrush 3.5 Zsketch 3D Human Male Modeling (Artistic Anatomy Video Tutorial)

Painzang in this video tutorial shows how to create the basic anatomy of a 3D human male model using ZBrush.

How to start a career as a Hollywood Artist

Sylvain Despretz share hints and tips on how to work as a visual artist in the film industry.

Digital Painting Tutorial by Jeremy Vickery (video)

Digital painting video tutorial about copying the shapes and the lighting of photgraph: going from the macro to the micro. Starting loose and refining in the end.

3D Tree modeling Tutorial (Blender Video) and 3D models

The tutorial will take you approximately 30 minutes to complete. During the tutorial you will learn how to: Efficiently use bezier curves Use the curve to tree script to generate complicated twigs Create low poly leaves Properly texture a tree Hand paint displacement onto an object See the complete associated article where you can also […]

2D Digital Painting Tutorial: Concept to Character by ImagineFX

Learn how to transform a pencil sketch into a high-res painting with a 3D feel, with Michael Kutsche

Free Digital Painting Tutorial: How to Draw Female Eyes with Photoshop

Learn to draw female eyes using Adobe Photoshop with these free, well narrated, clearly exposed video tutorials from Digital Tutors

Concept Art Tutorial: Gears of War Creature Design

James Hawkins, Senior Concept Artist at Epic Games, demonstrates his production techniques for an in-game creature from the Gears of War videogame series. Training for artists.