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Choosing a Computer Graphics school, some questions to help

Choosing a Computer Graphics school, some questions to help

A new section in the CG Explorer Guide helping students to choose a Computer Graphics school to learn skills dedicated to the following application fields: illustration, digital arts, filmmaking, visual effects, advertisements, television, videogames. Finally I am starting to use this dedicated section to collect resources useful to the CG community. – Free Reference Images for Human Figure Drawing Artists – Free Reference Images for Human Figure Drawing Artists

An online resource for the figurative artist with high-resolution images and photos of human models. Get the reference you need to design characters for films, animation and videogames.

Finding inspiration from traditional paintings – remaking Botticelli’s Venus

Albert Susantio found inspiration for one of is digital illustration by remaking Botticelli’s Venus, a traditional painting masterpiece.

Tips for digital artists’ self-promotion on the Web

Mars Explorer by Marco Genovesi. Digital illustration (3D computer graphics, digital painting, compositing) CG Channel published an article on self-promotion tips and guidelines for digital artists. There are suggestions about what to do when creating an artist’s website: avoid Flash, use a simple and usable user interface for navigating your image / animation portfolio, carefully […] – online illustration portal, gallery and illustrators community Online Web portal dedicated to illustrators with a rich illustrator database searchable with different criteria: medium, style and category. 9 pages with 99 illustration artists is what you get if you search for all, which would mean there are at least one thousand of artists categorized on . Submit your information if you […]

Rules and principles for image composition

Rules and principles for image composition

The article covers rules and principles to follow when you have to design the configuration of objects, lights and environments in an image regardless od the medium you are going to use: 2D illustration, 3D modeling and rendering, drawing.

Learning Black & White illustration

Kevin Cornell explores illustration without color. There’s a lot of Black & White Illustration out there. And as human beings, with eyes, we’ve probably casually glanced at a good amount. Now, some of us with eyes may not really have any need to know the imminent information; to you, fair citizens, I give warning. You […]

The Skillful Huntsman, Art Book, Design Studio Press

THE SKILLFUL HUNTSMAN visual development of a Grimm tale at Art Center College of Design Entertainment Design Director at the Art Center College of Design, Scott Robertson said, “Several years ago it struck me that people would be interested to witness the creative visualization process we undertake within the entertainment design discipline.” His interest in […]