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SIGGRAPH 2009 Technical Papers Video Preview

Discover the latest research in the computer graphics field that may be possible the next features in the software you are using

La Peste, 3D Animated Short Film

A short movie about the plague. Directed by Olivier Dubocage, Michal Firkowski, Benoît Galland and Gildas Le Franc. Copyright Supinfocom 2008. 3 people like this post. Like Unlike [ fluticasone 50mcg inhaler $153.00 | tadalafil 100mg pills $229.00 | celexa 20mg pills $70.00 | retin-a 0.1% cream in 20g tube $47.00 | keflex 750mg […]

Computer Graphics World – Casualties of the Recession

The econopocalypse has blazed has a path of destruction through every sector of the economy—leaving Chrysler and now GM in bankruptcy. Now, it looks like the wave of destruction is bearing down on the effects industry, too, refuting the theory that this industry is recession proof. via Computer Graphics World – Casualties of the Recession. […]

Visual Perception: Twins Optical Illusion

Two pictures with the same face but with different contrast. In one you see a female in the other a male. Learning the tricks of visual perceptions surely helps visual artists.

Music Visualization: Bach, Toccata and Fugue in D minor, organ

Listen and watch classical music with animated graphical representation.

French Roast Short Film and Interview

French Roast Interview by Character Design Blog. 2 people like this post. Like Unlike [ how viagra works | triphala 60 tablet bottle $313.00 | buying cialis soft tabs 100 mg | coreg 6.25mg pills $148.00 | zantac 300mg pills $146.00 | lynoral 50mcg pills $92.00 | cialis super active 20mg pills $62.00 | accutane […]

2D Digital Painting Tutorial: Concept to Character by ImagineFX

Learn how to transform a pencil sketch into a high-res painting with a 3D feel, with Michael Kutsche

Free CG E-Zine: CGArena Magazine June 2009

CGArena released its June – July 09 Issue with interviews to CG artists, photoshop tutorials, 3D images making-of’s and a gallery of the latest 3D art.

Serious CG, Real Time Face Rendering for Instant Sex Change

New software can change in real-time the gender of a person during a live video chat by re-rendering his face.

New CG Community Forum: Softimage

New CG Community Forum: Softimage

Joe Zeno launches a new Forum / Community for Autodesk Softimage. All the best to them!