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How to start a career as a Hollywood Artist

Sylvain Despretz share hints and tips on how to work as a visual artist in the film industry

The following is a compilation of answers to frequently asked (real) questions from many earnest students of art, or young professionals simply eager to initiate a change in their line of work. It occurred to me that the things that people inquired about were not only always the same, but that they reflected a fundamental lack of knowledge about the rather dismal realities of the film world. After many repetitive answers, it was suggested that we cut and paste it all into a Web Page for all to read, once and for all. Presented here are my humble opinions, gathered through little love, and much pain Рtake from them what you will; I hope this will not be seen as discouraging, but my feeling is that you might as well know the facts, since few of them are being taught in art school. Similarly, fewer even are being offered in Interviews. I will always gladly answer questions but please, read all this before asking anyone anything. This is what I wish I had been told some decades ago…

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