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Archive for March, 2010

Upgrade + Mobilize (3D Animated Short Movie)

Upgrade + Mobilize is Capacity’s latest short film / experimental branding piece. It’s a legendary story about good and evil, told through the synthesis of raw creative energy and inspired sound design

Garuda (3D Animated Short Movie)

An animated short film about a young boy in India chasing after his dream. Animated at Les Gobelins in Paris

Zbrush 3.5 Zsketch 3D Human Male Modeling (Artistic Anatomy Video Tutorial)

Painzang in this video tutorial shows how to create the basic anatomy of a 3D human male model using ZBrush.

Arm skeleton and muscle animation reference (X-Ray Video)

Watch how a real arm’s bones are moving. A perfect reference for animators and artistic anatomy students.

How to start a career as a Hollywood Artist

Sylvain Despretz share hints and tips on how to work as a visual artist in the film industry.