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Digital Painting Tutorial by Jeremy Vickery (video)

In the words of the author, Jeremy Vickery:

After answering oodles of questions about my painting process I thought this was the best way to respond. A couple weeks ago I posted 2 items called Mentoring Exercise 1 and 2 as a way to try to encourage an understanding of light and color. This is a better explanation of my thoughts on the matter. Visuals are worth more than words. Enjoy!

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5 Responses to “Digital Painting Tutorial by Jeremy Vickery (video)”

  1. amit Says:

    one of the awesome video i have ever seen.

  2. navan Says:

    first ever useful and effective video tutorial for the beginners in digital painting…………….

  3. Maddy Says:

    What exactly does he means by ‘BLEND’ the colors….?????;-\
    first u appl the colors and then how can u blend it in pshop?
    is it smudge?

  4. Jermilex Says:

    Hey Maddy! This is Jeremy writing. I mainly use Corel Painter 11 and there’s a great tool called the ArtisticOils/WetOilyPaletteKnife that blends colors more like oil paints. The Photoshop smudge tool can be used, but it’s not very good as it tends to do more pixel pushing than blending. But CS5 has a new Mixer Brush tool that works very similarly to Painter’s tool. I hope this helps

  5. Massimo Curatella Says:

    thanks very much for your participation.
    We really appreciate it.