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Archive for July, 2009

SIGGRAPH 2009 Technical Papers Video Preview

Discover the latest research in the computer graphics field that may be possible the next features in the software you are using

Digital Painting Tutorial by Jeremy Vickery (video)

Digital painting video tutorial about copying the shapes and the lighting of photgraph: going from the macro to the micro. Starting loose and refining in the end.

Utopiales Painting Walk-through by James Gurney

James Gurney, shows in this video how he painted the poster for the Utopiales event. 4 people like this post. Like Unlike [ low cost viagra | klaricid 250mg pills $129.00 | phenergan 10mg pills $54.00 | staxyn 20mg pills $127.00 | copegus 100mg pills $82.00 | alli 60mg pills $351.00 | ortho tri-cyclen 55mcg […]

Screen Space Ambient Occlusion: 3D Real-Time Flash Demo

Screen Space Ambient Occlusion – wonderfl build flash online An open-source online Flash 3D real-time flat-shaded rendering of a procedurally generated geometry. Great new resource at 7 people like this post. Like Unlike [ precose 50mg pills $172.00 | rogaine 5% 60ml $121.00 | kamagra 50mg pills $154.00 | tegretol 100mg pills $70.00 | […]

3D Tree modeling Tutorial (Blender Video) and 3D models

The tutorial will take you approximately 30 minutes to complete. During the tutorial you will learn how to: Efficiently use bezier curves Use the curve to tree script to generate complicated twigs Create low poly leaves Properly texture a tree Hand paint displacement onto an object See the complete associated article where you can also […]

Textures: Cut out people by VYONYX

Vyonix offers image collections of peoples, cut-out, ready to be included in an architectural rendering. The library is free for any use. Download it and read the legal disclaimer: cut out people. 5 people like this post. Like Unlike [ cialis women | desyrel 100mg pills $128.00 | kerlone 50mg pills $1,064.00 | cheapest viagra […]

Davide La Sala, Character TD Showreel, Tale of Despereaux

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Blue and Green Spiral Optical Illusion

You see blue and green spiral’s arms. You are wrong:

MTV International / Jewels and Oil (3D Animated Video)

Art film for MTV International Rebrand / Universaleverything / 2009, direction: Maxim Zhestkov, Matt Pyke – cg: Maxim Zhestkov – sound: Simon Pyke / Freefarm 1 person likes this post. Like Unlike [ prozac 40mg pills 360 pills $455.00 | provanol 40mg pills $190.00 | viagra retail discount | prednisone 10mg pills $248.00 | amoxicillin […]

Planet 51 New Trailer (3D animated feature film)

Planet 51 3D animated feature film, new trailer.