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Animation Training Tutorials: Jason Ryan Animation Webinars


Jason Ryan, a professional animator, gives online lectures on the art and the craft of animation.

These are the topics that we have covered so far in the JRAwebinars:

  1. i-jason-ryan-animation-training-onlineFrom concept story boards, animatic to rough animation.
  2. Four Legged walks, Straight Ahead V’s Pose to Pose and the combination of the two.
  3. Character walks, dealing with weight, balance and personalities.
  4. Acting while walking and turning, letting the emotional state take over.
  5. Dialogue while walking.
  6. Expressions and Lip Sync tips.
  7. Moving Holds and the subtle approach to shots.
  8. Multiple Character physical interaction.
  9. Multiple Character Dialogue shot.
  10. Very Broad Action Shot using a CG camera move in Flipbook.
  11. Taking the above shot and looking into the different stages of the Flipbook to Maya conversion.
  12. Animating to music or a big QA session

Discover more on:

Look inside the Webinars for free, but edited, tutorials.

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2 Responses to “Animation Training Tutorials: Jason Ryan Animation Webinars”

  1. virtual world for kids Says:

    I enjoy tutorials about such topics like colors, animation. Because there are so many techniques, it is always interesting and good to know more.


  2. Kedar Says:

    how to download this tutorials ? Plz. suggest