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VIDEO Architecture 3D Animation: Macalline Dragoon

Macalline Dragoon
Red Star Dragon Mall – Shanghai China.

An interesting example of great integration between, architecture, sustainability and effective CG presentation.

The project is an italian design for a new commercial center in Shanghai, China.

These are, using designer’s words, the basic concepts behind the project:

i-3d-architecture-reeel-macalline-dragoon“[…] the design is based upon three main leading factors: tradition, innovation, sustainability. These factors are synthetized with the symbol of a Dragoon. An immortal icon of chinese tradition, that is developed with a modern, elegant and sustainable style of design.
This symbolism has been selected after a specific marketing analysis, as it is very appealing and flexible in the commercial context”.

The basic elements water, earth, air and fire are all represented in different parts of the building.

On the side of sustainability: ” it shall be the world’s biggest totally integrated solar plant ever installed on a building. The plant will produce about 3 GWh/year of electrical power for a building of 240.000 sq.meters“.

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3 Responses to “VIDEO Architecture 3D Animation: Macalline Dragoon”

  1. edswebetch Says:

    nice blog


  2. virtual world for kids Says:

    Very nice reel. The whole initiative of blending the design with the Chinese culture seems so sincere.

    Great job =]

  3. Minibar Says:

    Beautiful video… cg at it´s best .
    Too bad it´s in shanghai, and will probably will never look as great as in the video !
    thanks for this post, really unique stuff here.