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3D Animated Short Film Trailer: Pigeon Impossible

i-pigeon-impossibile-trailer-video-imagesLucas Martell completed his short film Pigeon Impossible. Enjoy the Youtube trailer or watch the various resolution videos:

A gallery of mid-resolution stills from the final short film, courtesy of Lucas Martell:

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2 Responses to “3D Animated Short Film Trailer: Pigeon Impossible”

  1. virtual world for kids Says:

    Lol, such an irony. The pigon getting into a suitcase which actually turns out to be something like a fighter plane.

  2. Brian Says:

    Hi I have a question for you about 3d videos. I’m entering a contest in July 2010 and need a 2 minute video of my concept and would like to know if you do that kind of thing and how much it would cost me. If you type in Google lunar x prize click onto teams you can see some of the videos that are up loaded now. This is just a question as to weather or not you can do this for me and how much. Thanks again for your time.

    Brian Sauvé