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Visual Effects Supervisor Profile: Mark Breakspear

From the slick and effective voice of Barbara Roberston, CG Society tells the story of Mark Breakspear, Visual Effects Supervisor at Rainmaker UK where he successfully completed his work on “Da Vinci Code” and then worked on the prequel “Angels and Demons”.

These are some of the key points which I really think made the article interesting to read:

Visual Effects Supervisor Mark Breakspear. Source: CGSociety.orgThe letter-writing began when he was 12 and continued until he was 18 and about to leave for University


“They asked me to come on weekends when I wasn’t in school,” he says. “They said they weren’t going to pay me and I said, ‘No problem. I’ve waited six years for this.’”


And Breakspear has become a visual effects supervisor. “I was a compositor for 10 years,” he says. “Eventually, someone says, ‘We need you on set,’ and then you can become a supervisor.”


advising students interested in a visual effects career. “I recommend that they have a degree,” he says. “That they steer clear of any course that’s a six-month or 12-month visual effects course. You’ll never learn what you need to learn.”


he believes schools should screen applicants.

And maybe the most relevant from the education standpoint:

“When you do a degree, normally you do pure experimentation the first year, apply what you learn in the second year, and in the third year, you show what you can do. I can teach people how to do visual effects, but I can’t teach color theory, composition theory. I want students to make their mistakes in art school, to come out of school ready to take on a significant role. Otherwise, they’ll only be roto artists or 3D tracking people, which is fine, but to progress beyond that, they need design skills.”

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One Response to “Visual Effects Supervisor Profile: Mark Breakspear”

  1. virtual world for kids Says:

    “i’ve waited six years for this”

    Wow. Wonder how many people out there who claim they will do whatever it takes can actually be as patient as this guy here.