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VIDEO Making-of Pixar Disney “UP” Production Featurette

i-up-3d-flm-production-featuretteThanks to IESB for the following Pixar Disney’s “UP” production featurette videos showing behind the scenes of the movie creation.

See how the voice talents gave birth to the character acting while the directors are actually acting the lines themselves. Discover about the music score, the location scouting on top of beautiful mountains and the usual routing of checking all the bits and pieces to gathered together from the several production departments where specialised artists sculpt maquettes, create 3D models, prepare 3D animation of characters.

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One Response to “VIDEO Making-of Pixar Disney “UP” Production Featurette”

  1. virtual world for kids Says:

    Wow, exactly the way I pictured russ to be. Haha. And the sculptures look great. Gonna be a great show