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VIDEO 3D Animated Short Film: This One Time, Nelson Boles

Victor Navone found this little gem of animation and storytelling.

One More Time, 3d animation short film by Nelson BolesIt’s a student graduation film by Nelson Boles for the first year of CalArts . Minimalist, 2D or 3d? No shading or texturing, flat colors, white empty environments. This is what I have always dreamt about: a story told visually only by means of animation and expressive minimal characters. There is fantasy, creatures, imagination, evil beasts, action sequence and…. watch it!

(Great finding Victor.)

[Thanks to S. Boles for the correction]

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2 Responses to “VIDEO 3D Animated Short Film: This One Time, Nelson Boles”

  1. S. Boles Says:

    Correction, this is not a graduation student film. Nelson is a first year student at Cal Arts.

  2. virtual world for kids Says:

    Nice work. The technique used to rescue that human boy was totally unexpected. Vicious.