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VIDEO 3D Animated Short Film: Oxygen by Christopher Hendryx

What if chemistry could be taught with the help of a 3D animated cartoon? “Oxygen” the graduation film of Christopher Hendryx at the Ringling College of Art + Design, department of Computer Animation, is a brilliant answer to this question.

Defined by his author as:

Oxygen 3d animated short movie teaching chemistry to students“an exploration into new methods of visualizing the unique interactions between Oxygen and his other elementary kin.”

The metaphor of atoms, orbits and bond is well explained by well designed characters and a smooth and effective animation. The sound score and the speaker absolutely add a professional touch to the work.

It would be really great if educational institutions and teacher would take into serious consideration the usage of the 3D animation medium in teaching kids and young adults (fine! Adults too…).

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One Response to “VIDEO 3D Animated Short Film: Oxygen by Christopher Hendryx”

  1. virtual world for kids Says:

    Hey, this can be some great teaching materials for Chemistry. Wonder will there be such something like this for the whole perodic table. Will be nice to see the electrons emitting some sort of glow or something. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it =]