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VIDEO 3D Animated Short Film: Oktapodi (2007) Watch Online

The delicious 3D animated short film I was suggesting in Link 3D Animated Short Film: Oktapodi (2007) Gobelins School Graduation is watchable online. Press the HQ button to watch it in High Definition / High Quality.

Two cute octopussies struggle to burn their love in a sunny island of the Mediterraneum. A local fisherman will try everything to catch them for a juicy Insalata di Polpo. (ahhhh…)

Oktapody 3D Animated Short Film, Oscar 2009 NominatedOktapodi deserve the attention it received because has a beautiful art design and a dynamic and entertainment camera direction and editing. Vivid colors, smooth organic forms, open daylight are elements which render this film enjoyable. I like it, really. Very well done.

While it didn’t win the Oscar for Best Animated Short Film it well won other awards. The Oscar 2009 for best animated film was won by the 2D Short Animated Film: La Maison En Petits Cubes by Kunio Kato.

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One Response to “VIDEO 3D Animated Short Film: Oktapodi (2007) Watch Online”

  1. Muahrica Says:

    This is one of the cutest cartoons i have ever seen. The things all creatures, animals or humans do for LOVE! Amazing animation, graphics and entertainment!