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Animated Film Trailer: Pixar Disney “Up” Meet Dug The Dog

Pixar Disney UP: Meet Dug the Dog, Extended Trailer video

Extended trailer for Pixar Disney’s “UP”. Meet Dug The Dog. In this video we see for the first time the scene where Russell and Carl meet Dug.

Russell is scared at first but then discover the dog to be quite skilled: not only he is well trained but he can… talk!

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4 Responses to “Animated Film Trailer: Pixar Disney “Up” Meet Dug The Dog”

  1. online virtual worlds for kids Says:

    Sit boy
    Speak. LOL.

    The whole irony is that the master is smart but the dog is kinda dumb. Haha

  2. James Beswick Says:

    I saw this on Monday – great movie. Pixar gets better and better all the time.

  3. Richard Says:

    Dug the dog is superb – I haven’t seen this movie yet but I see a long future for this dog – maybe Gromit has a serious canine rival at last!

  4. leigh Says:

    Dug: I’ve just met you and I love you!{{slobber}} hehe.