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Video Technology: Interactive 360 panoramic video with YellowBird

Navigate in every direction of a playing video. This technology from YellowBird allows the user to play a video like an interactive panorama. That is where the “bird” name came from: it will seem to you to float like a bird, flying through the scene where the video has been recorded.

Rafaël Redczus and Marc Groothelm, with the 3-D camera utilized to create the 3-D immersive videos at YellowBird.

Rafaël Redczus and Marc Groothelm, with the 3-D camera utilized to create the 3-D immersive videos at YellowBird.

Some highlights:

Total Immersion – By using a Google Streetview-like camera, a system with six lenses, not as a photo but as a video camera, an all-encompassing picture is captured. This 3-D video can then be played online on any computer. An example can be found on the yellowBird website at The viewer will experience total immersion in a film, an event, or a special environment. From the point where the images were recorded, the viewer can look in any direction, let his eyes wander through the crowd, or stare at the ground or the air, which makes viewing a video an experience without boundaries.

The outcome, as you are able to see in this page, is a streaming video played with the usual Adobe Flash plug-in.

Their ambition is to kill Cinema:

i-yellowbird-360-interactive-panorama-videoChallenge – This development is posing stiff challenges to the film industry – on the one hand it provides the opportunity to offer cinema-goers an even more intense experience, but on the other it is a threat as the competitive power of this technology is extremely strong compared to what a cinema screen offers. Perhaps it will spell the end of the classic movie, where a Director and an Editor determine how the viewer will experience the film. With yellowBird the viewer decides.

To know more: YellowBird

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5 Responses to “Video Technology: Interactive 360 panoramic video with YellowBird”

  1. online virtual worlds for kids Says:

    This is awesome. I played the video before reading the article and I was thinking , ” so.. wheres the moment?” Then I started clicking around…

    OH AM GEE.

  2. Klaus Heydemann Says:

    My first encounter with this .. possibility. Great. And specifically in this kind of ‘unreal’ atmosphere that of a festival. :-D Super.

    t. klaus

  3. Roger Berry Says:

    This is the best 360 VR video I’ve seen and in a very nice package.
    Would love to be able to use a setup like this on one of my adventures in India

  4. Thomas Demolliens Says:

    Check out our website, we are a French company that has produced more than fifty immersive videos over the last past two years with our flash player that includes 3D hotspots. Enjoy!

  5. Bjørn Says:

    360° is the future check