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3D Animated Short Documentary: Drain the Ocean, Terragen 2, Maya


i-drain-the-ocean-documentary-bbc-terragen2422 VFX and animation studio produced an impressive sequence of landscapes emerging in every place of the globe. Using the procedural modeling of Terragen 2, just released, and a combination of real topographic data the artists, sculptors, matte painters and compositors at 422 created an astounding simulation of a total terraforming of the Earth.

Drain the Ocean, directed by Steve Nicholls will be shown in 2009 on National Geographic Channel

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2 Responses to “3D Animated Short Documentary: Drain the Ocean, Terragen 2, Maya”

  1. LarryCounce Says:

    Couldn’t believe my ears~

    I congratulate Steve Nicholls and the team on their great “Drain the Oceans” presentation…Sunday August 9, 2009.

    The logical sequence – ending with the subduction trenches was a good conclusion to a well-done piece.

    The part I found hard to believe was – National Geographic—having become the feminized politically-correct POS it has become in the last 20-years, failed to blame white, heterosexual males for ANYthing!!! – Was this a breakthrough to a long-needed turn-around towards what the Grovsner family had brought the world? …or was it an oversight?

    I guess – as the Discovery group always does, boilerplate condemnation of this minority’s destruction of the planet will be edited into future showings if the chosen classes complain.

  2. sickofitall Says:

    larry you should see in the 3d animation world. They only hire white people and only hire enough minorities so that they won’t file some kind of racist slander. I have only seen a few companies that actually love diversity.