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3D Animated Film News: Toy Story 3, Tom Hanks is Woody again

Toy Story 3, sequel to Toy Story (1995) and Toy Story 2 (1999) is 3D animated feature film scheduled for release in 2010 and directed by Lee Unkrich, who already collaborated with Pixar Animation Studios on several feature films.

Toy Story 3: Tom Hanks is Woody, againTom Hanks accepted again to act in the voice of Wood and he took this decision by watching the entire storyreel of Toy Story 3 prepared by Pixar.

The teaser trailer of Toy Story 3 was screened for the first time at the latest NAB event.

That’s another way of being different, Pixar grabs attention by announcing that a popular actor accepts his role before reading the script because he watched the film.

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One Response to “3D Animated Film News: Toy Story 3, Tom Hanks is Woody again”

  1. Micah Brandi Says:

    I cannot believe how sophisticated 3-d technology is turning out to be latley. Pretty soon they are putting out 3d smart phones and the 3ds handheld should be interesting. Still i feel that its to some extent gimmicky. Any opinions?