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Animated Film Preview: Up “Unlikely Heroes” Video Featurette by Pixar Disney

Unlinkely Heroes. Up Film video featurette for upcoming Pixar Disney feature film

Pixar promotes his latest 3D animated feature film with small video gems where the story, the characters are slowly revealed. Usually the character themselves, in small video extract, depict their backgrounds and their attitudes. This time Pixar creatives and creators talk about their creations.

UP will be realeased in the U.S. on th 29th of May 2009. The rest has to wait.

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One Response to “Animated Film Preview: Up “Unlikely Heroes” Video Featurette by Pixar Disney”

  1. online virtual worlds for kids Says:

    I watched the trailer in the theaters and yeap, it did tickle me. It looks so funny, especially when russell was showing his GPS machine.

    Yeap, looking forward to this =]