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Commercial: Carousel, A Philips Cinematic Viewing Experience

This interactive Web commercial is interesting for different reason. The concept behind the shooting of this unique, long sequence is not new and I am working on gathering more information about it. Surely the viewing experience is something that catch the attention. That is a good way to steal free space to promote commercial products the visual solution and the show is enjoyable.

Carousel, A Philips Cinema Commercial. A frame from the movie

Carousel, A Philips Cinema Commercial. A frame from the movie

If you don’t click the help you may not discover that the film is interactive. Click and drag with your mouse to browse the images frame by frame.

i-carousel-commercial-philips-cinemaThe authors satisfy (or at least they are trying to) the curiousity of Visual Effects aficionados by inserting the intervention of the Director Of Photography about lighting an explosion, the “Film Director” (“can I get a little more of…“) trying to explain why a larger screen is better, the VFX Supervisor which mimic very well a live post-production session…

Very funny and entertaining. Ok Philips, you got me: here is your Free Advertising Space.

Enjoy your commercial at:

Cinema Philips

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One Response to “Commercial: Carousel, A Philips Cinematic Viewing Experience”

  1. Daniele Lunghini Says:

    Quoting the beginning of e-mail from Diego Zuelli with whom I realized Le foto dello scandalo; ‘Here we are again’.

    Maybe it’s just a moment, but in these years I have found many works very similar to ours; not only Le foto( its is already cannibalized by a French photographer) but also our video clip for Mira Calix, Little Numba, the title of the short film (what a coincidence!): The origin,

    But when I saw Carousel, I really jumped up from the seat! Maybe there’s not the copyright on the one shot, maybe there’s not the
    copyright on the bullet time, maybe there is not the copyright on the gangster crime genre and let’s say also that there is probably no copyright on the narrative bullet-time. But can I ask if there is a copyright on the one-shot-gangster-crime-genre-bullett-time-narrative on the same time??!!

    As one of the creators of Rank Xerox once said, after having watched to Blade Runner, “at least, they could have offered me a cup of coffe.” So, me too, I’d like to say, at least, guest my work, dear Philips.”

    So, instinctively, I confront the 2 works. I’m doing it very much against my own will. I’m doing that only for the respect for Massimo Curatella, the first person who has shown me into the criminal work.

    I think that Carousel is, under certain aspects, very different from our work. Carousel seems more a stylistic exercise, in some passages very slow and not clear enough. I love cinema, but after having watched, I feel something missing. Well, I missed the real taste of cinema. In our work I created a sort of manifesto from a lover of cinema, from a fan of the Weegee-gendre. I tried with all my forces to express my passion and drama that an art-trend and a photographer can provoke inside myself. The choice of black-and-white seemed a suicide at first, absolutelty against the general direction of the 3D. In the end, it was not only the right choice, but turned out to be the only possible way.