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Animation Tips & Tricks eBook Volume 2 by Animation Mentor

Animation Tips and Tricks eBook volume 2 2009 by Animation MentorAnimation Tips & Tricks Volume 2 is a 70 pages PDF document with a collection of the best tips, advices and resources published on the Animation Tips & Tricks Blog. You will find most of the same content published in the blog but being free, collected in one comfortable document you could also print, makes the deal.

It strikes for the simplicity of some answers to some of the most important questions an animator, being a student or an emergent professional, keeps on asking.

Table of contents:


  • How Important Is an Art Background for an Animator Who Is Starting Out?
  • Advice on Supplementing My Animation Education with Books or Forums
  • When Do You Know If You Are Ready to Apply to Movie Studios?
  • Who Is Cut Out for Animation? Answer: You!
  • How Important Is Music on a Demo Reel?
  • Demo Reel Dos and Don’ts
  • Making It – Dream Jobs
  • What’s the Role of the Animator? Is It Beneficial to Explore Different Disciplines?
  • Questions about the Animation Job Market
  • What Are the Responsibilities for an Animation Supervisor or Lead Animator? Are There Any Special Skills Required to Become a Lead Animator?
  • Animator Vs Animation Supervisor


  • How Do You Spend Your Week at Industrial Light & Magic (ILM)?
  • What Is Your Life like as a Professional Animator? Do You Have a Life Outside of the Studio?
  • How Does Creating Animation for Films Differ from Games?
  • Have You ever Been in a Situation Where You Had to Forgo Animation Principles to Get the Animation Done According to the Director’s Expectation?
  • As an Aspiring 3D Animator Looking to Work for Film, TV, or Games, What Frame Rate Should I Use?
  • How Many Frames Do You Do in One Week?


  • How Do You Know When to Stop Planning and Start Animating?
  • How Do You Do Video Planning?
  • What Should Be the Main Goal in a Scene?
  • What Determines the Duration of a Scene?
  • What’s the Best Way to Plan a Scene?
  • How Much Average Time Does It Take to Create a Shot?
  • When Have You Been Challenged with a Shot and How Did You Overcome It?
  • The Art of the Tracking Shot


  • Making the Best Acting Decisions
  • How Important Is an Acting Shot for Getting a Job in the Gaming Industry?
  • What Does an Animator Have to Learn about Traditional Acting? How Should It Be Applied to Our Animation?
  • What is “Interior Monologue?”
  • What Factors Help You Decide on Poses for Acting Choices?


  • Where Do You Draw the Line on Exaggeration?
  • Eye Animation and Blinks
  • Are Facial Expressions as Important as the Body on Acting Shots?
  • Forget About Animating the Legs
  • How Do You Go about Timing Out Animation That Can’t Be Performed in Real Life?
  • Facial Follow-Up Question: Timing the Face to the Body
  • What to Do with a Character’s Balance and Weight When Walking
  • Weight in Animation
  • How Do You Make an Unappealing Character Design Look Appealing?
  • Animation and the Uncanny Valley
  • Motion Capture


  • What Kind of Workflow Do You Use or Recommend?
  • Workflow for Fully Rigged Character
  • How Much Time Do You Spend on Each of the Workflow Steps?
  • Workflow and Timing for Animating Wings
  • How the Heck Do You Change Your Animation after You’ve Already Started Polishing the Shot?
  • Tips on Speeding Up Animation Workflow and Animating Faster


  • Do You Havea Process or Checklist of Animation Rules You Follow?
  • What Is a Key Pose?
  • Could You Provide an Animator’s Point of View and Ideas about Storytelling?
  • Software Shmoftware
  • What Are Figure 8 Curves and How Do They Fit in with the Movements of Characters?
  • Is It Necessary to Learn Rigging?
  • About

Download the free eBook Animation Tips & Tricks Volume 2:

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