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Speed-painting tutorial: Moebius drawing at Anguleme 2009

The master comic artist Jean Giraud, also known as Moebius, gives in this video a demonstration of his technique in drawing characters in his unmistakable style. I have never had the opportunity to see the master drawing and it was a surprise to discover he first sketched the construction in the background and the he drew the final line. Moebius style is clean, roomy, with lots of white space, minimalist. He is a true master.

Watch the Video of Moebius drawing on a Wacom Cintriq tablet:

Screenshots from the video of Moebius drawing at Anguleme 2009:

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One Response to “Speed-painting tutorial: Moebius drawing at Anguleme 2009”

  1. James McConnell Says:

    Moebius’ space is wonderful.