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Physical Dynamic Rendering, the Future of 3D Computer Graphics?

browsing around I found an engaging video. It’s a technology preview which could revolutionize how we interact with matter.

Nanorobots, Claytronics Project. Source: Carnegie Mellon University

Nanorobots, Claytronics Project. Source: Carnegie Mellon University

The video is the following:

It introduces a technology under research, based on collective intelligence of nanorobots, cooperating in swarms, able to join and take shapes to physically represent any object you can imagine.

Initially I thought it was just a game, a video appropriate for a science-fiction context rather than reality but when I visited the offical website, Claytronics Project – I had to change my mind.

If this technology will really enter in our lives in, five or fifteen years, it could be infinite applications.

I cannot know if researchers will make it but if they will, the popular T1000 robot of the Terminator 2 movie, taking the shape of objects and living beings, it’s not so far in the future!

I am excited and scared at the same time.

It’s no more a matter of a PC infected by a virus, which we can shut down immediately.

Imagine  a one meter cube of nanorobots losing control. What would happen?

They could become sands (no problem so far), o the y could take incontrollable, dynamic shapes, potentially destructive and lethal for their neighborhood.

Imagine now a thin crack in your house, just the diameter of sand grain. In that tiny hole swarms of nanorobots could enter and do whatever they want anytime.

Now think about a normal house key, made of nanorobots which could adapt to any keyhole…


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One Response to “Physical Dynamic Rendering, the Future of 3D Computer Graphics?”

  1. virtual worlds online for kids Says:

    This is awesome. I’ve always wanted something like this when I was doing my 3d models back during my schooling days.

    This is a NEED!