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VIEW Conference 2007: Day one with CG Schools, Playstation3 and Spider Man 3

After a very short break during which I ate thanks only to my friend Marco Mr Joseph Olin presented the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences which mimics the work of the Academy Award’s jury. Mr Olin showed a very clear overview of the videogame industry by highlighting the market composition and the richness of this kind of business compared to the movie and to the music industry.

Kareem Ettouney and his colleague from Media Molecule have been a big positive surprise. The artistic choices they made to give a very unique look for the promising game LittleBigPlanet were refreshing and interesting. Kareem explained how they recreated an entire interactive world made of…hand-made things and characters! The strong physics engine behind the game allows to build anything and to make it interact with the environment and the players. Beautiful presentation, very detailed, very rich and really engaging about all the visual research and the graphic guidelines which determined a game really innovative.

Bella prova ragazzi!

I had logistical problems and I wasn’t able to follow completely the next sessions from schools. That’s a pity since I am very interested in educational issues in computer graphics. Supinfocom presented 4 short films, actually I would have preferred to listen to student experiences or teachers reporting on the training. I completely missed the SNC. What I really enjoyed was the sharp intervention of Pam Hofgarth of Gnomon Visual Effects School. I know Pam from past edition of Virtuality Conference: she is very clear and effective with her presentation. But this year she selected a very difficult topic which is also hard to manage in her position: how to find the right (computer graphics and animation) school. I absolutely loved the list of criteria she provided and I had the opportunity to establish a direct contact with her. I will talk more about it after the end of the event. Brava Pam.

The always dynamic Professor Vincenzo Lombardo of Virtual Reality and Multi Media Park based in Turin presented in a very detailed way the educational activity of his school. Lombardo is a researcher dedicated to creating and animating virtual characters.

The great ending of the first day was responsibility of Peter Nofz, visual effects supervisor from Sony Picture ImageWorks. Ok, I lied. I said I watched Spiderman 3. Sorry Peter: not true. It seemed not interesting. But after Peter’ session, so rich of technical details about how they reproduced digital environments: New York City, skyscrapers, buildings, squares; special effects as: goo, Spiderman’s costume and the marvellous Sand Man I must confess: I liked it! Great! It was a great session: packed of images, demos, tests, drawings, beautiful pre-production drawings. I really liked it and, well, uhm, yes, I will (maybe) buy the Spiderman 3 DVD. Eh eh.

What can I say about this first day of VIEW Conference 8?
If it had to finish today it would have been a GREAT event, rich of interesting discussions and presentations by amazing people. I am already satisfied and grateful.

But, wait!

We have three more days!



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