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Virtuality becomes VIEW Conference and does it with style!

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Italy might not be remembered for its great series of CGI films or Computer Graphics Events, but things are changing. I am delighted as the founder and editor of CG Explorer and the Online Public Relation Manager for VIEW Conference to share with the world this news.

Ratatouille, Film. Copyright (C) 2007, Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Company
Ratatouille, Film. Copyright (C) 2007, Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Company

The former Virtuality Conference, at its 8th edition, has a new name: VIEW Conference. Being myself italian and having followed with passion the life and the evolution of some of the best artists and technicians in the World coming from my sunny land as: Guido Quaroni, Luca Prasso, Andrea Maiolo, Luca Fascione, Marco Genovesi, Federico Cascinelli, Diego Viezzoli, Marco Patrito, Maurizio Manzieri, just to mention some, I am excited to the edge of a dreamlike vision in announcing this incredible event.

In Italy!

VIEW Conference 8, 6-9 November 2007, Turin Italy

VIEW Conference is an annual event dedicated to the world of: digital content world, computer graphics, 3D animation, visual effects, design and videogames.

While the conference programme and agenda are about to be completed by the organizers we would like to invite the CG Explorer community to join us in Turin, Italy, during 6 – 9 November 2007. On the official website you will find all the information about logistics and some highlights about speakers and guests, just to stimulate your appetite.

As a small preview of what VIEW Conference is preparing for you: we will have an astounding group of four speakers from Pixar Animation Studios, the Director of Photography, Sharon Calahan; Paul Topolos, digital matte painter for the film “Ratatouille”, Alex Harvill, technical director and researcher for 2D and 3D digital effects, Jessica McMackin, promising Rendering Technical Director; you will (of course) find talks and presentation by PDI DreamWorks with Lucia Modesto, Sony Pictures ImageWorks, Industrial Light and Magic, Weta Digital.

You will find three “Oscar Awards”, among them: Glenn Entis former DreamWorks Interactive CEO and now manager of Electronic Arts who gave the lead talk at SIGGRAPH 2007; professionals from the movie industry as Tino Schaedler, digital set designer for the next “Harry Potter” film. The incredible list continues with Academy Award Winner Christophe Hery (Industrial Light and Magic) and Academy Award Winner Grant Major (Weta), Parag Havaldar (Sony Pictures ImageWorks), Peter Nofz (Sony Pictures ImageWorks), Jorgen Tharaldsen (Funcom), Javier Jimenez (Motion Theory), Alternate Reality Game (ARG) artists Dave Szulborski and Ken Eklund and virtual media artist Franz Fishnaller.

For students, (beginners and ever-learning pros) VIEW Conference will host master classes, lessons and workshops by some of the most authoritative professionals.

We will announce also two animated film previews (an exclusive surprise for Italians!)

And if you are a digital artist you can participate to the Virtuality Award – WORLD WIDE SHORT COMPETITION USING 3D ANIMATION AND VFX, which, in the occasion of the event’s new name, has a new deadline: 15 October 2007. You have still one month to submit your artwork: animated short films, visual effects for short films, 3D models, 3D environments, digital matte painting.

Read more at:
Virtuality Award:

Don’t miss next updates: follow the official website of VIEW Conference 8 (both in English and Italian) at:

Send inquiries to:

VIEW Conference
Corso Marconi, 38
Office phone: +39 011 66 80 948
Fax: +39 011 65 0 12 14

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Article edited by Massimo Curatella
Online Public Relation Manager

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