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Choosing a Computer Graphics school, some questions to help

A new section in the CG Explorer Guide helping students to choose a Computer Graphics school to learn skills dedicated to the following application fields: illustration, digital arts, filmmaking, visual effects, advertisements, television, videogames. Finally I am starting to use this dedicated section to collect resources useful to the CG community. Please let me know if you have more questions to add. Of course it would be nice to know, in the future, how to answer to all of them.

Visit: Questions to choose a Computer Graphics School

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One Response to “Choosing a Computer Graphics school, some questions to help”

  1. virtual worlds online for kids Says:

    Great section. Most people usually enter a line without really knowing how they should prepare themselves. Most of them do slip shot researches and rush things through in order not to miss the earliest avaliable intake and this post actually help many realize that with quick questions like that, they can pretty much know if they want to/can commit and how much they are actually into the course along with their main objective.

    I should say that this section is very useful =]