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ShareCG: Upload your 3D images and files and earn money

ShareCG: Upload upload 3d art, 2d art, videos, animations, tutorials, materials shaders, 3d models, scripts or other material and earn money
ShareCG: Upload upload 3d art, 2d art, videos, animations, tutorials, materials shaders, 3d models, scripts or other material and earn money

ShareCG just opened. It’s a new website allowing cg artists and creative people to upload their works and to earn some money out of it. I decided to register and I gather some more information besides what is contained in the press release.

A minor glitch during the registration process: I discovered that the user’s password cannot contain special characters, unfortunately this is a limitation to the security of your account. I hope this can be fixed.

ShareCG’s users as submitters will be able to upload their own content.

Submitters can upload “3d art, 2d art, videos, animations, tutorials, materials/shaders, 3d models, scripts or other material” and of course this content must be original and legal.

Inflation of your own statistics it’s something sadly known to other e-commerce systems utilized by webmasters. In this case the rule it’s still true: do not visit too often your own content.

Earning should occur when your content is viewed or an ad click is converted to sale or an Ad impression is displayed near your content. That is why you are requested to not abuse in visiting your content. This is especially true for “ad impressions”. Your share of the revenue is 50% (net). Quite a good part of the whole although, other big advertising system declare to give users much more. When you register you are asked for a paypal account which will be used to transfer your earnings.

Submitting users are the owner of their content, but You must allow anybody downloading your content to use it for non-commercial purposes.

This is the type of material you can upload to ShareCG:

art and tutorials: 3d & 2d art – CG artwork, animation/video – 3d and 2d CG animations, demo reels, and other video content, tutorials – Tool tips, project walkthroughs, and useful guides, video tutorial – tool tips, project walkthroughs, and useful guides, 3d models – Raw, un-rendered 3d model files, textures – Files used to add texture to CG, materials & shaders – Files used to add material qualities or shading to CG, scripts – Scripting language-based tools used to help complete projects, plug-ins – Plug-ins for our favorite CG tools, software/tools – Independent executable CG programs.

Of course you are encouraged to promote your content and to drive traffic to it. This would entail knowing how to do a bit of promotion and marketing on the Web, an old story for netpreneurs of the old age.

How is ShareCG making money so you can make money?

This is how they explain it on their website:

This website is funded primarily through advertising. Ad revenue is the amount of money we make from advertising. We draw from these funds to share revenue with our users.

Let’s try some CG content

Having a passion for CG and teaching I immediately went to see what ShareCG has to offer in terms of tutorials and educational materials.

This is the (first tutorial I found and it’s related to Lighting in Blender. 6 pages, quite well written and illustrated. A good start for a beginner. Maybe it’s rated to high, 4 stars out of 5.

Below each tutorial you can find a text field with the code of its URL. ShareCG encourage linking its material from external websites and this is also a good way to promote yourself and your website.

By accessing through the menu item “Tutorials” the interface offers to shows tutorials sorted by category (lighting, rendering, etc) and by software platform. This function is very important and should be more easily accessible from each tutorial page.

The look of the website is quite far from what CGChannel, CGTalk and co., have made us accustomed to. The site is very simple, white-based and with very little graphics. Of course the user interface should allow users to accomplish tasks in an efficiently manner but the overall user experience is particularly important for artists and wannabe-artists.

The content you publish is framed in a three-columns layout and it’s quite tight. CG tutorials make often use of large images to show 3D software interfaces with complex mesh models and those less than 600 pixels are really the bare minimum to distinguish any useful polygon on screenshots. If authors allow to download the tutorials (as in the Lighting in Blender case) this problem, of course, does not occur. I am referring, in particular, to this tutorial.

15 tutorials is what is now available in this section. It’s not much but for a just born website it’s an encouraging amount of information that will bring the interests of others tutorial writers. Some of the content I read is already available on the Web since a long time so I didn’t find anything really valuable or more interesting than any other CG artist or CG portal.

La Galleria: where artists show their works

This section is richer with 3 or 4 hundreds of pictures. I found some known artists and some new. Pictures are still suffering in the middle of three columns but by clicking you will enlarge them in a new window.Community interaction is offered through comments and ratings below each work. From the page of the image I cannot go the the author’s page where, maybe, I would want to know more about them.

And then there is the Animation Gallery where you can watch streaming videos a-la YouTube and Google Video. It would have been nice to be allowed to embed videos in other website like the big guys are doing. I think the artwork pages are too impersonal and lacking a clearer depiction of the author who appears just as a nickname.

In the TEXTURES section many hundreds of images are available and, you know, having a digital camera available at a cheap price caused so many photographers to become texture artists as well. This does not mean that every photo can be uploaded as a texture and you have to dig really deeply to find usable material. Anyway better having more resources than having nothing.

Another 3D CG resource

ShareCG is a good new proposal in the field of social networking and user-created content. Targeted at CG artists and learners partially fills the lacking of a resource based CG community. A lot of improvements could be made in the user interface and interaction and in the way content and users are presented.

Best of luck to ShareCG!

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2 Responses to “ShareCG: Upload your 3D images and files and earn money”

  1. jacob Says:


    Thanks for the review. And thank you even more for the constructive criticism. I’ll work on some changes you suggested starting today that will make viewing text tutorials better, perhaps implementing special characters in passwords (although I think that opens us up to vulnerabilities), and we might just change to a 2 column system :-)

    About the statistics inflation thing: we regulate the “views” very very carefully. We have in place multiple checks to ensure that there is no illegal activity on our site (including visually looking over the records for any suspicious activity), and we hand verify all payments before we make them.

    A lot of the other things that you mentioned in your review we’re working to build right now. Coming soon (over the next one to two months) are:

    * Personal author pages (akin to the “Portfolios” of CGtalk, with more customizability)
    * Free job search and job postings — where the author pages will serve partially as resumes
    * Embedded video: We will be allowing users to embed video very soon, as soon as we can make it secure so people can’t rip off our videos (easily, anyways). If users want to monetize their videos, they’ll be able to attach an ad at the end (a still picture), and they’ll get paid based on ad click-throughs (like
    * Streaming high-def video: These animations are works of art, so we’ve committed to making them look really good. We’ve purchased the on2 codec and a dedicated 100mbps web server to stream this video content. That’ll hopefully go up in the next couple of weeks.

    If anyone has any more comments, please feel free to e-mail me: jacob at sharecg dot com


  2. Brian Matthews Says:

    I joined ShareCG and uploaded a model (which was to be my first) and I suddenly started getting grief from other members about the ‘finesse’ of my modeling attempts and how I probably don’t have any more files to share. I am considering disassociating myself with the site… because as much of a big deal I may be making about losers online, I don’t think I warranted this treatment. Be advised…