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What’s your animation specialty?

Adrien-Luc Sanders prepared a quiz to determine your attitude in animation. I took the quiz and it said I am a 3D motion specialist: uhm.. maybe!

It’s your turn now:

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One Response to “What’s your animation specialty?”

  1. virtual worlds online for kids Says:

    Your Specialty Is: Cel Painting

    You’d make a good cel painter. You’re an odd one; you work in rich and vibrant colors to bring a duotone piece to life, and yet your work is endlessly monotonous to the point where some may find it numbing, and you’re given little freedom to work outside of lines set by others. You don’t mind, though; in fact, the simplicity may even be comforting, and you’re content enough to be bringing a touch of vivid color whereever you go, no matter how it’s done.

    Haha, I need to reflect on this. =]