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Digital Visual Effects Tutorials by cmiVFX

A screenshot from a visual effect tutorial by cmiVFX
A screenshot from a visual effect tutorial by cmiVFX
A rich collection of video tutorials about compositing, camera tracking, visual effects design, concept design, motion design, digital illustration and production.

Link: cmiVXF tutorials

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7 Responses to “Digital Visual Effects Tutorials by cmiVFX”

  1. ram Says:

    hi i am mari.,
    i interest to learn editing software. Pls send any tutorials, or any tutorial web sit pls send my id
    Thank U

  2. Hari Says:

    i am interested in learning visual effects online by sitting at home….pls help me by sending any tutorials websites…pls
    Thank u

  3. Jahangeer Says:

    hi frnds
    i want to learn vfx online. plz send me tha website r tutorial

  4. hi.... Says:

    hi need some tutorial about visual effects plz send me if u have…..

  5. nandhan Says:

    hi everybody,
    i am nandhan, working as a compositing sfx, editing and 3d artist in many more tamil films. as a employee. now i am a advanced visual effect artist and editor in vyomaya media. if anybody want to learn advanced concepts in sfx and editing. please come i will teach you in lowest cost.

    all the best.

  6. venkey Says:

    hi im venkey from india . i need rotoscoping tutorials in eyon fusion, autodesk combustion, nuke . iwahtcan i do if i need them from ur site

  7. cjeevi Says:

    i pay u by online
    please give.
    will u teach online
    and share your softwares