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Marcel Baumann, digital painter, concept artist, Swiss

Fun Pool
Fun Pool, by Marcel Baumann. Digital painting

I love artists which tell stories with still frames. The beholder has just to glance at his artwork to understand the story behind the painting. That’s the case of this artwork painted by: Marcel Baumann.

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2 Responses to “Marcel Baumann, digital painter, concept artist, Swiss”

  1. clara piochi Says:

    I saw this pic and really loved the composition….. I’m studying 3D and would love to make a piece inspired in your art (giving you the right credits for it)… Would you be ok with that?
    thanks for the attention

  2. Jonny Hull Says:

    Hi I play for a band called Slaghouse and would absolutely love to use this for our next album cover, Is this possible? (obviously giving you all the right credits) Hope to hear from you