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Female figure reference photo from
Female figure reference photo from is a resourceful websites for artists looking for reference images. Traditional and digital visual artists challenging their artistic skills in the figure drawing will find on may high-resolution images and photos of real people to get inspired by.

Visual artists working in the design of movies, gaming, and animation can find also: interviews of professionals, galleries of amateurs and professionals, textures for 3D models, and tutorials.

A sketch painting of a Knight
A sketch by “Topher” from the forum

The forum is not very populated but it offers one more chance to interact with the artist community by giving and getting help and support. “Show your work early and often and get feedback as much as possible”: if you believe in this principle that’s another place where to put it in practice.

The Sketches and Roughs Designs is the right place to show your rough designs and illustrations where you can receive comments and critiques. There are already many varieties of artwork: monsters, creatures, still life images and characters of every sort.

Resource suggested by a cg artist. (Ciao Marco!)

Learn figure drawing and illustration, expose your artwork and receive comments and critiques at: (mild warning: it may contains nudes).

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    send maya reference img

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    its goog reference. plz send male image reference