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Jeff Hua, Concept Artist, Illustrator, Videogame Artist, USA

Jeff Hua in a painted caricature sketched by Rafael Zentil

Jeff Hua is concept artist at Electronic Arts in Los Angeles, California. He kindly accepted to reply to some questions to let us know him better. Please enjoy his interview.

Hi Jeff, I saw your blog (or plog? Production log?) with a lot of your sketches, drafts and final paintings. I loved the more “conceptual” ones aimed at communicating a specific mood. Would you like to introduce yourself to CG Explorer’s audience?

Hi there, my name is Jeff Hua and I am a digital doodler that posts stuff on a blog. I am very new to the notion of using a blog as an outlet to express one’s ideas, I guess it’s an online diary or poor man’s website? Since I don’t currently have a website this will do.

What are you currently working on? Where are you based?

I am currently working as a concept artist at Electronic Arts, in Los Angeles. I’m working on a PlayStation3 title. Because of my work schedule I try to paint as much as I can on the weekends to stay fresh and not rusty… I try.

We are particularly curious about the creative process behind your artwork: where do you find the inspiration?

Showdown, a digital illustration by Jeff Hua.

Hmmmm….that’s a tough one because I’m always looking for it. The people and friends I work with are my constant inspirations for my creativity. My process is typically sporadic like many artists, I hope. My creative process or inspiration is very hard to come by. Looking at other artists’ work inspires me and because of the internet we have unlimited access to many styles and techniques. At the end; be open minded.

How do you organize yourself when you have to put your creativity and your techniques on a time plan and against specific output requirements?

My organizational skills are a mess! (eh eh) You should see my workspace. I guess, I just try to finish whatever is on the plate. But at the end I try to produce something I would be proud to put in my portfolio. Sometimes if someone disagree with your idea or approach try to give them merit because that sparks new ideas you wouldn’t have thought of from the beginning.

What’s your educational background?

I am a drop out, so most of my training has been on the job. I was able to learn a lot from many talented and generous people that I have worked with.

Speedy Dragon, a digital illustration by Jeff Hua.

At CG Explorer we receive a lot of requests about the right school and career path to follow to become a painter, an illustrator and to find a work in the industry or as a free-lance: what are your recommendations?

I feel that you should be honest with yourself and do what you really want to do. It’s important to be sure this is something you can see yourself enjoying and having fun for a great number of years of your life. Try to get exposure by using a blog, it couldn’t hurt.

City Shite, a digital illustration by Jeff Hua.

Please talk about your online portfolio and tell us something that will make us visiting right NOW.

I am always learning and experimenting with my painting techniques. Come back if you are bored and want to see new stuff. Thank you, Massimo and CG Explorer for giving me the opportunity to express my thoughts and ideas.

Thanks to you Jeff, it was a pleasure hosting you and your works on CG Explorer.

Enjoy the river of creativity of Jeff Hua and his online portfolio.

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One Response to “Jeff Hua, Concept Artist, Illustrator, Videogame Artist, USA”

  1. CG Explorer Says:

    Some further reference for Jeff Hua. He worked as a storyboard artist and a concept artist on the videogame: GoldenEye: Rogue Agent (2004).

    See: Full Cast and Crew for GoldenEye: Rogue Agent on IMDB.