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Ancient Ruins, digital painting by Jeff Hua

Ancient Ruins,a digital painting by Jef Hua. Digital painting
Ancient Ruins,a digital painting by Jeff Hua. Digital painting

Some of the most intense paintings are those sketches made to give a certain mood. The ones aimed at evoking an entire world existing only in the author’s mind until it’s brought to reality through the drawing.

Quick sketches, oftenly done with the “speed painting” techniques, are my favourite ones, especially when the painting is intentionally rough. That’s the technique which is the most evocative for my senses. When this technique is used to reproduce misterious, ancient, lost worlds I really love it.

Jeff Hua created a sketch representing all of the above.

Enjoy the full scale painting at: Jeff Hua -“Sketches are fun”

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One Response to “Ancient Ruins, digital painting by Jeff Hua”

  1. yon ade Says:

    what? its not 3D? really masterpiece