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Kaya, virtual beauty, CG 3D character designed by Alceu Baptistao

Kaya. Alceu Baptistau. Virtual character. 3D CGI Illustration
Kaya, a 3D CG virtual female by the artist Alceu Baptistau

Kaya is a digital woman designed by Alceu Baptistao, modeled and rendered with Alias/Discreet Maya. This virtual character was released years ago and still today impresses me for her beauty and photorealism.

The author introduced the work by saying:

I am trying to make a believable digital girl to act as a future singer/performer

I think he quite succeeded.

For the artists more interested in the creative process, don’t miss the making-of Kaya:

Modeling, shaders, lighting and animation were fully accomplished in Maya, without the use of any plug-ins or proprietary software […]

[…] Texture are spheric projected, hand-painted in Photoshop (no photo were used) […]

Then the artists continues with details on 3D modeling techniques, layered shaders for the slin, CG lighting solutions, environment maps and rendering.

Ah! The character is fully animated.

Kaya. Alceu Baptistau. Detail: face, eyes. 3D CGI Illustration
Kaya, a 3D CG virtual character. Details: faces, eyes. By Alceu Baptistau

Enjoy Kaya, the 3D CGI female.

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