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Tron and Depeche Mode: a 3D short animated video re-elaboration

Tron vs. Depeche Mode | Music Videos |

Update: now the video is embedded in this post

Tron. The movie

A screenshot from the movie Tron

Justin Alt, a designer from Florida re-edited Tron, one of the first Computer Graphics movies, to match a totally new soundtrack extracted from Depeche Mode’s album “Playing The Angel”. The result generates an unavoidable sense of nostalgia for dear old polygon flat-shaded CG. My thoughts go as well to Ken Perlin. Yes the NY University professor who invented the Noise algorithm to create irregular and random shapes. He worked as a “TD” as an CG scientist developing digital visual effects for the movie.

Enjoy Tron Revival (QuickTime required, size: about 12 MB).

UPDATE: direct link to the video on IFILM: Tron Revival on IFILM.

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3 Responses to “Tron and Depeche Mode: a 3D short animated video re-elaboration”

  1. CG Explorer Says:

    Justin Alt, the author, kindly asked me to point you directly to the IFILM version of the Tron Revival music video. See you there.

  2. TXH-1138 = Depeche Mode + THX-1138. George Lucas’ movie revitalized. CG Explorer Says:

    […] Justin Alt does it again. After Tron vs Depeche mode now he targeted THX-1138, still with an audio track by Depeche mode: “I Want it All”. Slower, more intense. Maybe better synchronization between audio and video. Justin just (re)discovered an entertaining way to enjoy classical movies. Delicious. Justin, “I want it more”! […]

  3. virtual worlds online for kids Says:

    Reminds me of Ultraman. It is so retro. It should be fit together with “Take on Me by A-Ha”