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Finding inspiration from traditional paintings – remaking Botticelli’s Venus

Venus, a 3D reproduction by Albert SusantioVenus, the original painting by Botticelli
Left: a digital reproduction of Botticelli’s Venus. By Albert Susantio.
Right: The original Venus by the Italian master painter Botticelli.

What do you do to find inspiration for your next painting (traditional or digital)?
A good method to generate ideas for your illustrations is to imitate the masters.

Albert Susantio (Albynism) is an Industrial Design student at UNSW in Sidney, Australia who published 2D and 3D art on his Website. Albert utilized Alias-Discreet Maya and Adobe Photoshop to remake a masterpiece of the italian painting school: “Venus”, by the Italian Botticelli.

Albert Susantio added a little variation to the posing woman to give an original touch to his work. The woman is evidently drawn with a totally different style from the original. She is more “CG-like” with shiny and saturated colors paying a loving tribute to the anime and manga cartoon drawing style.

Enjoy the other 2D and 3D digital artworks on Albert Susantio personal Website

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