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Macromedia Flash interactive animated fly-through of panoramas

Two Cities Flash interactive Panorama animations
A frame from the interactive panorama animation of Two Cities

Zooming in and out a city using your left mouse button you can fly through a virtual trip. Programmed with Macromedia Flash the result is very smooth and slick. You can spend a lot of minutes flying in and out these virtual cities. The actual animation is obtained by re-scaling different layers representing different parts of the landscape: buildings, bridegs mountains.

The final result gives depth and perspective to the visual experience.

Very nice and relaxing.

Fly through virtual cities at: Zarovka – Two Cities – EUROPE

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2 Responses to “Macromedia Flash interactive animated fly-through of panoramas”

  1. virtual worlds online for kids Says:

    Dang that is crazy amount of effort. From the desciption above I kinda get an idea how is it done but the degree of difficulty is still a huge question mark. It is not just resizing but to achieve the right scaling ratio to make the whole thing so smooth is just awesome!

  2. CG Explorer Says:

    Wow, this post is almost four years old.. I remember I liked the simple yet effective effect. I think it could work as an example of drawing the atmospheric perspective principle.