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Learning Black & White illustration

Kevin Cornell explores illustration without color.

Illustration from article: Learning Black & right

There’s a lot of Black & White Illustration out there. And as human beings, with eyes, we’ve probably casually glanced at a good amount. Now, some of us with eyes may not really have any need to know the imminent information; to you, fair citizens, I give warning.

You see, while there’s a lot of black and white art out there, there’s also a fair deal of vagueness as to how that art was made. And with the popularity these days of recreating a period feel, it just might be helpful to the designer or illustrator to have an understanding of these different stylistic veins. So Designy Joe can say “I want to recreate some 18th century engravings”, instead of “I wanna use some old art” when talking to Illustrator Fred. And on Illustrator Fred’s end, if he understands just what an engraving looks like, and how it was created, he’ll know there’s no way he’s reproducing one with his black sharpie marker, no matter how technically proficient he is. He can immediately tell Designer Joe to shove it.

Learning Black & White, Part I.

Learning Black & White, Part II.

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One Response to “Learning Black & White illustration”

  1. virtual world for kids Says:

    Looking good. I’ve always been a huge fan of black and white art pieces. Traditional medium to be exact. They are by far, the best.