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Tip of the Day, 3D computer animated TV series to be produced by italians

Dreamlike Visions released information about Tip of the Day, a 3D animated TV Series targeted for children in the range of 3-9 years old.

Tip the young dragon, from Tip of the Day

The 13 episodes of the soon to be produced TV series is set in the magical valley of DragonShires and tells the stories of Tip and Trick, two young dragons struggling to become young adults, and Alchemius, a wise and weird sorcerer nurturing the pure souls of his young nephews with tender love.

In the just launched Website you can find a funny gallery of 3D images of all the Tip of the Day‘s characters and of the astounding environments and matte painting re-creating the settings where the 3D cartoon’s episode will take place.

An appealing video clip with the promotion trailer for the series is available for download togheter with juicy bonus as wallpaper desktops and a 3D QuickTime VR panorama of Tip’s house.

Tip of the Day is a project in need for a wise organization willing to produce and/or finance the production of the 13 episoders. If you have some spare money to invest in a 3D animated cartoon production you may have found a gem.

Pay a visit to, it’s worth your time. And don’t forget to tell them you found them through CG Explorer.

Visit Tip of the Day Official Website at

Download Tip of the Day’s Promotional Trailer

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  1. Ricky Sirignano Says:

    What other tv shows do you enjoy ? I was a big fan of prison break , to bad it’s over now :(